My Happy Money Journey with Phoebe Blamey

Phoebe Blamey, the best-selling author of The Happy Money Journey is here with a podcast that deals with all things money. In her straight-talking yet kind style, Phoebe talks you through mindset, debt, money shame, dealing with new partners and your’s all part of your own happy money journey. So take 20 minutes out of your week to listen to some great money ideas, from someone that has been on the journey.

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Language is important.
In this podcast the use of 'women' and 'men' reflects the terms assigned at birth, however sex and gender exist on a spectrum.
How you identify is more than your physical body, and that should be acknowledged and celebrated. 


4 days ago

Hey Honeys
The joy we get from our furry little friend is hard to measure in money but oftentimes we are faced with the hard decision around vet bills and end of life care. For most Australians a large vet bill is an unexpected cost that can be an emotional rollercoaster. 
Join us this week as we talk about the cost of pet ownership, we have some awesome money saving tips for you as we delve into the cost of pet insurance as phoebe shares her own recent personal experience. 
Is it worth it? 
Is the biggest question we see around pet insurance and most of it is created from myths. But how much is myth or fact? We do the maths and the answer may surprise you.
Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing growing community and as always have a very happy journey.
Dog Food Recipe 
1kg of butcher bought pet mince
6 cups water
2 cups rice (white or brown is OK)
1 cup of veg (try broccoli, carrots and cauliflower or a combination of similar) **make sure you check for allergies etc and don’t use onions
Put the meat and rice together and bring to a boil over high heat, then reduce heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
Add vegetables, and cook for an additional 5 minutes. Remove from heat and cool.
Once it’s cool place portions in bags / containers refrigerate a small amount and freeze what you are not using immediately.

Thursday Jul 04, 2024

Hey Honeys, What a week!!!
This week we dive into all the changes to your income from July 1. From minimum wage to new income brackets, rebates and the changes to super.
Whether you are an employee wanting to know what your entitlements are, or you're a small business owner and you want to know how these changes affect your employees and your income, we have you covered!
Also all the support for first home buyers is still available and we go over what that means and whether or any of those supports are applicable to you. There are a handful of providers that offer this support and we have linked a list of them down below.
Don't miss out on valuable insights to help you navigate your Happy Money Journey. Enjoy the episode and share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Tuesday Jun 25, 2024

Hey Honeys
We are very excited to share this new episode of the Happy Money Journey podcast with you all. In this episode we're diving into Cartman's Drama Triangle and how it relates to our financial behaviours.
Ever felt like you're stuck? 
Join us on a journey towards empowerment and financial well-being as we explore the steps to break free and recognize the effects from the money drama triangle.
Are you a victim, rescuer, or persecutor in your money relationships?
These roles reflect dysfunctional social interactions that can lead to unhealthy financial habits. By being aware of these roles and understanding how they perpetuate financial stress, we can begin to make positive changes within our amazing lives.
Thank you for being a part of the Happy Money Journey community. I hope you enjoy this insightful episode and find it helpful on your own financial journey.
Check out Dr karpmans work at:

Wednesday Jun 12, 2024

Hey honeys on this week's podcast we sit down and talk about the scary side of retirement 
We understand the importance of avoiding common money mistakes to secure a stable financial future. In this episode, we delve into key pitfalls that women over 40 should steer clear of.
Firstly, neglecting retirement planning is a major mistake. It's crucial to start early, maximise contributions, and take advantage of tax breaks and diversification within retirement savings. Understanding compound interest and the benefits of starting early can significantly impact your financial future.
Healthcare costs tend to rise as we age, so it's essential to plan for these expenses. Whether it's health insurance, health savings accounts, or regular check-ups, investing in your health now can prevent financial strain later on.
Estate planning is another critical aspect to consider. Having a will, setting up a testamentary trust, and ensuring designated beneficiaries for your accounts can help avoid legal complications and ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes.
Knowing your financial goals for retirement is key. Whether it's travelling, downsizing, or owning your home, having a clear plan can guide your financial decisions and prepare you for unexpected life events like the death of a spouse or divorce.
Owning your home is emphasised as a crucial step towards financial security in retirement. Stories of individuals facing homelessness or financial instability due to lack of home ownership highlight the importance of this asset.
Managing debt is also essential. Prioritising debt repayment and having an action plan in place can help ensure a debt-free retirement.
By focusing on these points we can take proactive steps towards securing their financial future. Remember, it's never too late to start, but the earlier you begin, the better off you'll be. 

S2E23 Elevate Your Business

Saturday Jun 08, 2024

Saturday Jun 08, 2024

5 Elements to Elevate Your Business with our business creative, Hannah!
Hannah and I have operated various businesses from fashion, to hospitality to of course finance and education. Collectively we have experienced many highs and lows in business. Now working together at The Happy Money Journey, Hannah is our expert on up-leveling businesses. She shares her story of continual growth of her hospitality businesses in our Podcast this week.
Be sure to check our @mazecafedaylesford for a delicious bite and punchy coffee!
#womeninbusiness #empoweringwomen #upleveling #businessgrowth #womenempowerment #happymoneyjourney #happybusinessjourney #ladyboss #businesstips #elevateyourbusiness #entrepreneurView

Thursday May 30, 2024

Hey there, it's Phoebe Blamey, and I'm thrilled to have you join me on this week's episode of "Your Happy Money Journey." Today, we're diving into beginning with the end in mind.
In this episode, do you have a clear strategy for exiting your current role or business? 
When we begin with the end in mind we can make more informed decisions, stay accountable, and achieve greater success.
We start with your vison and mission statements,
Then we take a birds eye view of your personal and actual brand from the perspective of a potential employer or buyer
Know your rules, how contracts, business structures and your industry sells a business or alternatively how your current employment contract might restrict your next move.
Understand your timeline - how long until you want to retire for good? How long will what you are doing now remain viable? 
Know your definition of done - what are the attributes that will mean you are at the finish line? 
This episode is filled with  practical tips for implementing your strategy, including viewing your business or role from a buyer or employer's perspective, understanding the rules and regulations, defining your criteria for success, and setting a timeline for your exit or retirement.
How to know when to make a change, especially if your health or well-being is at stake.
So, whether you're just starting out or looking to make a change, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable steps to help you navigate your financial journey with clarity and purpose. Join me next week for more s on "Your Happy Money Journey." Remember to like, subscribe, and engage with us on social media. Enjoy the journey!

Thursday May 23, 2024

More Federal Budget talk incoming! While it isn't thrilling, we must stay informed to understand how it shapes your financial future and to make the most out of it for ourselves and our community.
On this weeks podcast we dive into the details from tax cuts to energy bill relief, HECS debts, and support for small businesses, we break down the key highlights and implications for YOU! We look at the funding allocated to finally address domestic violence, improve education and health, and promote sustainability and innovation in businesses. Tune in to learn about the initiatives, rebates, and support available and be inspired to take action on your own financial journey.
The next 12 months leading up to the election will be crucial in shaping our future. Let's make our voices heard and advocate for policies that align with our values and priorities.
#federalbudget #businessopportunities #budgettalk #taxrelief #communitysupport #innovation #happymoneyjourney
Domestic Violence Support:
24/7 contact line
24/7 contact line 
government service finder for disability and mental health  

Monday May 20, 2024

I am so sorry I’m a wee bit late releasing our podcast! We have had a super busy mortgage broking week over here at @clover_financial
So here we are…and this podcast is worth the wait, trust me! We all know change is inevitable. Often, we can see it coming but find it daunting as we lose control and stability. This podcast on The Happy Money Journey is all about how to finance the next chapter in our lives. I share valuable insights and tips on how to bank roll this next big pivot in your life or business, so you are prepared and can go ahead with confidence.
If you're feeling the urge for change and don’t know where to start, then buckle up and listen here!
As a special treat, we're giving away our Happy Business Journey ebook for a limited time to help kickstart your entrepreneurial journey. Don't forget to check out the worksheet provided in the episode show notes to help you work through your financial needs and vision.
Dive into the episode, grab the worksheet, and let's nail this transformative journey together! 
Give Away:
Enjoy the journey, Phoebe xx

Sunday May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day! 
We hope you're having an amazing and relaxing day full of appreciation and joy. 
After all the running around, eating and gift exchanging I have settled down on the couch and reflected on how lucky I am with the family and community that surrounds me. 
It's days like these that make you thankful for friends and family and the time you get to spend with your tribe.
For that reason, we want to share with you a recording of the live workshop from our Happy Honey on a Happy Money Journey Facebook group. If you haven't already, click below to sign up and join our little tribe as we guide you on your happy money journey!
#financialempowerment #mothersday #moneylessons #financialindependence #happymoneyjourney #gratitude #womenempowerment 

Thursday May 09, 2024

Hey honeys,
This week we get ready to show our appreciations to the Mothers and Special People in our life. Lets take a moment to reflect on the valuable lessons you've learned from your mother or mother figures.
Consider how these lessons have shaped your financial mindset and influenced your money habits. We explore these valuable money lessons we learn from our mothers and mother figures. Or even the mistakes we have seen them make and how that can affect our money mindset today!
Phoebe explores this in depth talking about what she has learned in her journey and what she has seen in clients over the years.
Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible women out there, whether you're a mother or not. Embrace the journey, learn from the past, and pave the way for a financially empowered future.
Come on and join us on this integral part of your happy money journey.
Enjoy the episode and have a fantastic week ahead!

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